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Data on a computer is very diverse. Have we ever searched for files that we need but the file is lost, or accidentally deleted and has entered the recycle bin? Many indicators cause the file to disappear without a trace. But the main indicator is accidentally deleted. Media that is often done to search for … Read more

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ThinLinc is categorized as a remote desktop app. This kind of app is one of the common app used to control computers from other computers in order to monitor and gain access to various applications and files on the destination computer. Usually, the company is the one who uses this kind of app. In addition, … Read more

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ConnectWise Control is an app which serves as Remote Administration. The app is very suitable to be used at work. By using this app, you can control all of the computers that used by the employees at the company. Many big companies use this app so they can control the computers at work. It is … Read more

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Developer Bomgar License Trial Size 101 MB Download Free Download Bomgar is a remote access app which has the ability to connect to resources on a centralized network. This means using a PC and internet connection in one place, via phone cord, connected to a PC or server on the main network of a company. … Read more

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What is TeamViewer? This app is an important app that serves to control your partner’s computer or friends. You can control other people computer and you can also transfer their data too. So, this app makes two or more people can control each other computer remotely. But both parties need permission from each other. You … Read more

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Etcher is an application that works to burn or make bootable installation media. By using this app, you can create bootable media using USB and SD card or memory card. The app is created using Javascript, HTML, Node.js technology, as well as using the Electron framework. This app has good interfaces that make it very … Read more

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Remote desktop software is a program used to control a computer from another device in another location. This software really helps in any purpose from home to office. It is also used for business purposes. This remote control program enables the user to manage remote computers from any device. You can use this program for … Read more

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These days a remote access software has become a software needed for professionals to complete work outside the workplace. This software is used to view, access and control computer with another device in a different place. A remote access software can be used for any purposes like home, small businesses and professional uses. VNC Connect … Read more

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  Developer AnyDesk Software GmbH License Free for non-commercial use Size 3.7 MB Download Free Download   Download AnyDesk Free Latest Version For Windows, Mac & Linux –  AnyDesk is a remote desktop application allowing a user to control a computer from another device. This application can be used to access files from different sources … Read more