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There are several utilities that you can use to make bootable USB like UNetbootin, Windows 7 USB Download tools, and others. But there are alternative applications that function the same which called as Rufus Portable. It is a bootable USB device maker that is small, compact, and portable. This software is a small software designed to format and make USB bootable on USB media such as pen drive, memory stick, and others. You can use this software when you want to make bootable USB for installation of Windows operating system or Linux when you work on computers that do not have an operating system when you upgrade the firmware or BIOS, and when you run low-level applications such as low-level formatting process.


Get to Know Rufus Portable

This software from Rufus is a faster and more efficient software at making bootable USB. In the benchmark, Rufus is able to work 2 times faster than other USB maker applications such as UNetbootin, Universal USB Installer or Windows 7 USB download tool. This software also has FreeDOS option, so you can use it to boot your computer or laptop in DOS mode. Very useful and simplify you in the process of upgrading the BIOS that requires a DOS command prompt. We will remind you once again that Rufus is portable and can be run directly without having to install on the computer.

Rufus Portable supports the creation of bootable ISO for multiple operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8 Developer Preview, Windows Vista, Arch Linux, FreeDOS, Archbang, Fedora,OpenSUSE, CentOS, Slackware, gNewSense, Kubuntu, Damn Small Linux, Gentoo, Hiren’s Boot CD, Ultimate Boot CD, Knoppix, NT Password Registry Editor, Tails, Ubuntu , and so on. When there is no USB flash disk connected to the computer, some text boxes are still empty, but after the USB flash disk is connected, the empty text box will be automatically filled with data from the USB flash disk, you just specify other parameters or change the parameters as desired. Even if you are a novice who may be the first time to use Rufus, you probably will not find any significant difficulties in using it.

Rufus Portable Latest Version
Rufus Portable Latest Version

How to use Rufus Portable? It is very easy. First, in the “Device” option select the USB drive that will be bootable USB. When the device is selected, its capacity will appear in “Capacity”. You can see on the file system there is “default only”, select it. On the “Cluster size”, select the default as well. After that, on “New volume label” fill in the label for your bootable USB, for example, Windows 7, Ubuntu, and so on. Next, in the “Format Options” section, you need to uncheck the “Check device for bad blocks” as it will slow down the bootable USB boot process. However, if your USB has a problem like slow in the process of reading or write file), this option can be selected. And the next step is to check the “Quick Format” checkbox to make the format run faster. Don’t forget to check the “Create a bootable disk using:”checkbox. This is how you use Rufus Portable.

Download Rufus Portable Latest Version

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